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January 2014
Gloucester Times: Fishing aid gets Senate's final OK
Associated Press: For Sen. Warren, a focus on kitchen table finances
Springfield Republican: Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduces bipartisan bill to increase transparency in reporting federal settlements
Associated Press: US Sen. Warren: New mortgage rules will protect potential homeowners, guard nation's economy
December 2013
Boston Globe: One year in, Warren not shying from populist aims Elizabeth Warren measure would forbid employers from looking at job applicant’s credit history
Telegram: Sen. Warren at Veterans Inc. hears concerns on housing
November 2013
American Banker: Warren: 'It's Time to Act' on Too Big to Fail
Springfield Republican: Sen. Elizabeth Warren says 'system is rigged for powerful interests,' addresses fight to enact new gun control regulations
Gloucester Times: Fed panel hears pleas for fishing reforms
October 2013 Warren: Boost medical research spending
Springfield Republican: Sen. Elizabeth Warren pleased over bipartisan funding legislation, but 'not celebrating'
NECN: Sen. Warren: We have to negotiate when we're not on the brink
National Journal: Warren Uses Star Power to Push Tough-on-Wall-Street Agenda
September 2013
Huffington Post: Elizabeth Warren Calls For Big Changes To Student Loans
Associated Press: Warren warns of scams aimed at military families
The Milford Daily News: Warren praises innovation on tour of EMC in Franklin
Associated Press: With an eye toward affected citizens, US Sen. Elizabeth Warren working to delay new federal flood insurance rules
Gloucester Times: Sen. Warren focused on fisheries aid bill
Boston Globe: In fiery speech, Warren calls for limiting size of banks
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