Help with a Federal Agency

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Our office is dedicated to helping Massachusetts residents with issues relating to federal agencies, such as Social Security, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or Veterans Affairs. 

Please note the following:

  • You must be a resident of Massachusetts for our office to assist you. If you are not a Massachusetts resident, please contact a senator or representative of your home state.

  • Your issue must involve a federal agency. We cannot intervene in state or local government issues, although you may find your state representative here, or with court cases.

If the above criteria are met, please fill out the form below to contact our office. Please provide all contact information, any relevant identification or case numbers, and as much applicable information as possible so that we may quickly respond to your request. If your matter is urgent, you may also call our Boston office at (617) 565-3170 or our Springfield office at (413) 788-2690.

What if I am not a resident of Massachusetts?

If you are not a resident of Massachusetts, you should reach out to one of your state’s Senators or your home district’s Representative about your issue. They have the same resources to assist you with your issue as our office does. You can find a list of all U.S. Senators here. You can search for your U.S. Representative by zip code here.

I would like to request a meeting with Senator Warren, how do I do that?

Information for sending a meeting request can be found on our meeting requests page.


We have an extensive list of resources and guidance for grantseekers on our grants page.

Small Business

If you are looking for information or resources regarding small businesses, you can go to our small business page.

Veterans Administration

Please contact us using the form below if you need assistance with an issue related to the Veterans Administration. If you are looking for resources, you can go to our page for veterans, servicemembers, and military families.


The Massachusetts state government has a helpful list of resources and information regarding common housing questions and issues. There is information for tenants, landlords, and homeowners, as well as information about affordable housing programs, home inspection protocols, and more.