Visiting DC/Tours

Washington, D.C. is an amazing place for people of all ages and interests to visit. Below you can find information on some of the District's most popular attractions, which our office can help you place tour requests for.

Due to overwhelming demand for tours from people all across the country, we ask everyone to send in their tour requests as early as possible. Each institution that you request to visit confirms or denies each inquiry, so we cannot guarantee any request.

Please fill out the following form and a member of our staff will follow up for more information, or try to make other arrangements if your tour cannot be accommodated. Please only list full days that you are in Washington (not travel days), to ensure our request reflects your best availability. You may also call our Tour Coordinator at 202-224-4543 with any questions.

Tour Request Form

  • White House

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  • United States Capitol

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  • Bureau of Engraving and Printing

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