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August 2019
Bloomberg: Bloomberg: Elizabeth Warren Presses Tom Barrack Over Deals With Saudis
July 2019
HuffPost: HuffPost: Elizabeth Warren Introduces Bill To Cancel $640 Billion In Student Loan Debt
CNBC: CNBC: Elizabeth Warren attacks the private equity industry with new regulation proposals
February 2019
GQ: GQ: Elizabeth Warren's Universal Child Care Program Will Save American Families Thousands of Dollars
New York Times: New York Times: Elizabeth Warren Proposes Universal Child Care
The Washington Post: WaPo: Elizabeth Warren proposes universal child care, paid for by tax on ultra-millionaires
Vox: Elizabeth Warren's Ambitious Plan to Fight the Opioid Epidemic, Explained
January 2019
The Week: The Week: How Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax could save America
Washington Post: Washington Post: Sen. Warren’s plan to tax the ultrawealthy is a smart idea whose time has come
Vox: Vox: Elizabeth Warren is confronting big banks over how they intend to “help” workers during the shutdown
American Banker: American Banker: Warren asks big banks for details on their shutdown response
December 2018
Vox: Vox: Elizabeth Warren’s ambitious new bill to lower generic drug prices, explained
Curbed: Curbed: Elizabeth Warren doubles down on affordable housing legislation
McClatchy Washington Bureau: McClatchy: Senators want broader probe of FEMA contracts in Puerto Rico
November 2018
The Nation: The Nation: Elizabeth Warren Just Took a Crucial Stand for Democracy and Enlightened Internationalism
Vox: Vox: Elizabeth Warren wants to outflank Trump on trade
WBUR: WBUR: Congress Members Call For Columbia Gas Executives To Resign Over Merrimack Valley Disaster
Bloomberg: Bloomberg: Senator Warren Calls on Companies to Contribute to the Toys 'R' Us Worker Fund
American Banker: American Banker: Warren lays into Navient CEO over Education Dept. Audit
Reuters: Reuters: Senator Warren presses regulators on leveraged lending
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