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May 27, 2021

Rollcall: Progressives push more clean energy infrastructure spending

by Benjamin J. Hulac and Joseph Morton

A pair of progressive lawmakers is pushing to include legislation that would lock in more than $1 trillion in spending for U.S.-made clean energy products and create a new division of the Energy Department focused on low- and zero-carbon options.Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Rep. Andy Levin, D-Mich., are set to unveil two bills Thursday as left-leaning Democrats in Congress are pushing the Biden administration and members of their party on Capitol Hill to maintain a broad, … Continue Reading

May 26, 2021

New York Times: Senators criticize Wall Street chiefs about their pandemic response.

by Matthew Goldstein and Kate Kelly

The top executives of six of the biggest banks in the United States drew criticism from several senators during a hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday for not doing more to help small businesses and retail customers during the pandemic.A number of lawmakers said the nation’s top banks should have provided more relief to businesses and consumers in light of the big profits the banking industry posted last year.The most contentious moment occurred when Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat of … Continue Reading

May 26, 2021

Salon: Elizabeth Warren and Jamie Dimon face off in heated Senate hearing

by Jon Skolnik

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., grilled J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon during a Senate Banking Committee hearing on Tuesday, calling claims that the bank helped customers during the pandemic "a bunch of baloney.""No matter how you try to spin it," Warren declared, "this past year has shown that corporate profits are more important to your bank than offering just a little help to struggling families even when we're in the middle of a worldwide crisis."Back in December, CNBC reported that, … Continue Reading

May 25, 2021

Bloomberg: Warren Tears Into Fed on Credit Suisse Oversight Before Archegos

by Jesse Hamilton

Senator Elizabeth Warren ripped the Federal Reserve for its oversight of Credit Suisse Group AG in the run-up to Archegos Capital Management’s implosion, arguing the regulator badly blundered when it freed the bank from heightened monitoring.Warren pointed out at a Tuesday Senate hearing that the Fed knew Credit Suisse had problems estimating its potential trading losses because the agency had flagged the Swiss bank over that issue in its 2019 stress tests. She questioned why Credit Suisse, … Continue Reading

May 24, 2021

Bloomberg: Elizabeth Warren Floats $31.5 Billion Plan to Pursue Tax Cheats

by Laura Davison

Senator Elizabeth Warren is proposing to nearly triple the Internal Revenue Service’s budget to help identify wealthy individuals who are cheating on their taxes.The Massachusetts Democrat is proposing to give the IRS a mandatory annual budget of $31.5 billion, up from the $11.9 billion the agency received from Congress for fiscal year 2021. Warren’s legislation would remove the agency’s funding from the annual appropriations process, so that it wouldn’t change based on the year-to-year whims … Continue Reading

May 20, 2021

Mother Jones: Elizabeth Warren Wants Joe Biden to Go Bigger on Child Care

by Kara Voght

When Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) ran for president, one of the first policies she unveiled to establish herself as the wonk candidate was a proposal for universal child care and pre-K. Warren delivered her speech for last summer’s virtual Democratic National Convention from a pandemic-shuttered daycare and used her five minutes of primetime to elevate child care as “the basic infrastructure of this nation.”She’s kept up the refrain for child care as Democrats hasten to secure an economic … Continue Reading

May 20, 2021

CNN: Senators call on Biden administration to demand Saudi end blockade tactics on a starving Yemen

by Jennifer Hansler, Nima Elbagir and Nicole Gaouette

(CNN) - A group of Democratic senators are calling on President Joe Biden to take "immediate and decisive action" to end Saudi Arabia's "blockade tactics" in Yemen that have prevented food, medicine and other crucial supplies from reaching desperate and starving people there.A Saudi failure to meet those demands should result in consequences, the senators wrote in a Wednesday letter to Biden that CNN has seen, "to include pending weapons sales, military cooperation, the provision of … Continue Reading

May 15, 2021

The Hill: Warren calls for US to support ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

by Sarah Polus

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) called for the U.S. to support a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas amid escalating violence in the Gaza Strip that has killed dozens of civilians and leveled a high rise building that houses several prominent media outlets."Israeli airstrikes that destroyed international media outlets and killed innocent Gaza civilians tell us what we already know: Israel and Hamas must work with negotiators and reach a ceasefire immediately and the US must actively support … Continue Reading

May 11, 2021

National Public Radio: Warren, Sanders Call For Expanding Food Aid To College Students

by Elissa Nadworny

Democrats in the House and Senate are introducing legislation Tuesday that would make pandemic-related food benefits for college students permanent. The push is being led by Sens. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent.In the December relief package, Congress increased the number of low-income college students eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits for the duration of the pandemic. That included students who are eligible for work … Continue Reading

May 11, 2021 Elizabeth Warren and Ayanna Pressley bring back the Andrew Kearse Act, four years after his death in police custody

by Nik DeCosta-Klipa

Before the words “I can’t breathe” became a rallying cry in the wake of George Floyd’s death, there was Andrew Kearse.Kearse, a Black resident of New York City, died exactly four years ago — May 11, 2017 — from a heart attack in the back of a police cruiser, despite repeatedly pleading to officers for help. Dash camera footage showed the 36-year-old breathing heavily in the back of the car and repeatedly telling officers, “I can’t breathe.” In total, he asked for help 70 times over the course … Continue Reading

May 06, 2021 Warren, Markey urge Senate leadership to include long-term investments for schools in next funding package

by Dialynn Dwyer

Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey are among a group of lawmakers urging Senate leadership to ensure that long-term investments for schools recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic are included in the next major funding package. In a letter jointly addressed to Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday, the Massachusetts Democrats wrote that additional funding is needed for elementary and secondary schools to “accelerate students’ academic progress, address … Continue Reading

May 05, 2021

Forbes: Warren: Extend Student Loan Freeze Or Make It ‘Permanent’

by Adam S. Minsky

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) suggested on Tuesday that the Biden administration should extend the current pause on federal student loan payments and interest, or implement a permanent freeze.Warren’s comments, made on Twitter, were made in response to a statement earlier this week by Education Secretary Miguel Cardona that the administration isn’t ruling out extending the student loan moratorium beyond the current September expiration. The CARES Act, which Congress enacted last year, … Continue Reading

April 28, 2021

Business Insider: Elizabeth Warren and other Democratic senators demand to know how US pharmaceutical companies plan to share vaccine technology as COVID-19 devastates India

by Charles Davis

In the next few weeks, more than half of Americans will have received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine. In much of the developing world, if current trends hold, people will be lucky to get a shot by 2022 — all the more reason, a group of US senators say, that pharmaceutical companies should be sharing their know-how and hastening the end to this global health crisis.Sharing intellectual property, "such as vaccine recipes and manufacturing information... could drastically expand … Continue Reading

April 27, 2021

CNN: Elizabeth Warren: US taxes are rigged in favor of Amazon, Netflix and other big companies

by Matt Egan

New York (CNN Business) - Senator Elizabeth Warren is making her case for why America's tax system is rigged by calling out Amazon, Netflix and other companies that pay little or nothing in federal income taxes."Congress didn't wake up one morning and say, 'Let's punch enough holes in the tax code so that Amazon and Netflix can earn billions and pay nothing,'" Warren told CNN Business on Tuesday after chairing her first Senate finance subcommittee hearing."Those giant corporations have … Continue Reading

April 27, 2021

CBS: Progressive lawmakers push child care plans ahead of President Biden's proposal

by Sarah Ewall-Wice

Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts on Tuesday unveiled a $700 billion plan to help families get affordable, quality child care in the United States. Her proposal comes as the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the persistent challenges families face finding and paying for care. Warren's Universal Child Care and Early Learning Act, which is being reintroduced in the House by Congressman Mondaire Jones of New York, is one of several child care proposals from lawmakers putting pressure … Continue Reading

April 25, 2021

Axios: Democratic senators call on Biden to expand Medicare in American Families Plan

by Orion Rummler

Senate Budget Committee Chair Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and 16 Democratic senators sent President Biden a letter on Sunday calling for his American Families Plan to significantly expand Medicare.Why it matters: The plan, expected to be announced ahead of Biden's address to Congress on Wednesday, is one of several massive proposals brought by the administration to ease mass economic pain caused by the coronavirus pandemic.The White House is expected to propose funding the plan by raising tax rates … Continue Reading

April 23, 2021

The 19th: Elizabeth Warren to reintroduce $700 billion universal child care proposal

by Shefali Luthra

Sen. Elizabeth Warren will reintroduce a proposal for universal child care early next week that would devote at least $700 billion over the next decade to revamping the nation’s decimated child care infrastructure.That level of investment has support from seven other senators, who signed onto a letter — first shared with The 19th — that calls on the Biden administration to include the historic child care commitment in its next big spending bill, the American Families Plan. “President Biden has … Continue Reading

April 22, 2021

Boston Globe: Warren joins push for more housing help from DC, seeking nearly $500 billion for 3 million new homes

by Tim Logan

Add Senator Elizabeth Warren to the growing list of Washington Democrats urging federal help to tackle a housing crunch that’s affecting Greater Boston and many other places across the United States.The Massachusetts Democrat on Thursday proposed a nearly $500 billion package of legislation that she said would help fund 3 million new homes nationwide, new supply that could help reduce rents for lower- and middle-class families by 10 percent.“The cost of housing is squeezing American families … Continue Reading

April 21, 2021

POLITICO Pro Q&A: Sen. Elizabeth Warren on her IRS funding plan

by Aaron Lorenzo

Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to dedicate a mandatory funding stream to enforcement activities at the IRS, specifically aimed at increasing its ability to examine more wealthy Americans and major corporations.A decade’s worth of funding cuts to the agency and a shrinking workforce led to a corresponding decline in audits across the board, with steep drop-offs in scrutiny of higher-income taxpayers. Warren (D-Mass.) offered some broad descriptions of her plan in a Finance Committee hearing … Continue Reading

April 19, 2021

Defense News: Democrats reintroduce ban on US using nuclear weapons first

by Joe Gould

WASHINGTON — Two key Democratic lawmakers reintroduced legislation Thursday that would make it U.S. policy not to use nuclear weapons first.Opponents, including top military leaders, argue the vague threat of nuclear escalation serves as a deterrent to conventional war as well as the use of chemical and biological weapons. But the sponsors ? House Armed Services Committee Chairman Adam Smith, D-Wash., and Senate Armed Services Committee member Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. ? argue a “no first use” … Continue Reading

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