August 2023
Senator Warren, Bipartisan Group of Senators Urge Treasury, IRS to Investigate Potential Abuse of Tax-Exempt Status by Nonprofit Hospitals to Restrict Care and Overcharge Patients
Warren Raises New Questions About Goldman Sachs’ Profits and Conflicts of Interest from Silicon Valley Bank Failure
Senators Warren, Scott, Budd Call on DoD to Further Invest in its Critical Child Care Program
Warren, Kaine, Van Hollen Call on Treasury to Crack Down on North Korea Crypto Threats
Senators Warren, Hirono, Lawmakers Call on McConnell to Help End Reckless Hold on Military Promotions
Warren, Casey, Blumenthal, Sanders Call on Treasury, IRS to Rein in Crypto Tax Evaders, Close $50 Billion Crypto Tax Gap
July 2023
Warren Presses DOJ on Updates to New Guidance on Discharging Student Loans in Bankruptcy
Warren Questions DoD on Failures to Prevent Overpayments and Price Gouging in TRICARE Health Program
Senator Warren Warns Fed Against Further Rate Hikes Amidst Rising Unemployment for Black Workers
Senator Warren, Representative Deluzio Seek Answers on Republican Plan for Tax Breaks Benefiting Defense Contractors
Warren Opens Investigation into Secretive Google Efforts to Secure Exclusive Access to Millions of Servicemember and Veteran Tissue Samples
Following Hearing, Senators Warren, Scott Call Out Conflicts of Interest at Federal Reserve, Reiterate Need For an Independent Inspector General
Warren Requests Information on Impacts of Current and Future State of Bourne and Sagamore Bridges from Cape Cod Stakeholders
Senators Warren, Blumenthal, Brown, Markey, Menendez, Van Hollen Seek Answers from Federal Loan Servicers on Plans to Support Borrowers Ahead of Student Loan Payment Restart
Senator Warren Urges Department of Education to Protect Borrowers By Overhauling Student Loan Collections Program
Warren Calls on SEC to Investigate Tesla Board of Directors for Failures to Manage Elon Musk’s Conflicts of Interest in His Dual Role as CEO of Tesla and Twitter
Senators Warren, Duckworth, Van Hollen, Blumenthal Call on Government Task Force to Adopt COVID-19 Testing as a Preventive Screening Tool
Warren, Senators Urge Justice Department to Do More to Protect Americans’ Right to Travel for Reproductive Health Care
Senator Warren, Representatives Deluzio, Pocan, Garamendi Urge DoD to Tighten Up the Merger Review Process and Publicly Disclose Merger Risks
Senator Warren Raises Concerns Over Conflict of Interest in DoD’s Office of Strategic Capital
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