December 2022
Senators Warren, Wyden, Representatives Porter and Sherman Call Out Tax Prep Companies for Sharing of Private Taxpayer Financial Information with Meta, Google
Senator Warren Questions DoD on Former Google CEO’s Conflicts of Interest on Defense Advisory Boards
Senator Warren and Senator-elect Welch Raise Concerns over Reports of Pfizer’s Planned COVID-19 Vaccine Price Hike
Warren, Jayapal Urge CMS to Examine ACO REACH Program for Medicare Fraud
Senators Warren and Smith Applaud Labor Department’s Proposed QPAM Rule to Curb Special Favors for Big Banks
Warren, Jacobs Call Out Consulting Firms For Work On Behalf of Foreign Governments
Warren, Smith Ask Key Regulators About Banking System’s Exposure to Crypto Risks after FTX Crash
Senator Warren and Representative Omar Call on Regulators to Improve Banking Access for Communities of Color
Warren, Jayapal Call on US Patent Office to Prevent Big Pharma's Abuse of Patent System
Warren Calls on Pentagon to Rein in “End-of-Year Money Grab”
Warren, Marshall, Kennedy, Call on Silvergate, Bank that Handled Bankrupt Crypto Firm FTX’s Funds, to Release All Records on Improper Transfer
November 2022
Warren, Smith, Sanders, Markey Question RealPage CEO on YieldStar Price Setting Software’s Role in Creating Landlord “Cartel” and Exacerbating Housing Inflation
Senators Warren and Whitehouse Urge Department of Justice to Investigate FTX Collapse, Hold Any Lawbreakers Accountable
Senator Warren, Lawmakers Encourage FDA to Consider Steps to Protect and Expand Access to Medication Abortion
Warren, Durbin Seek Answers From FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried After Billion-Dollar Collapse of Crypto Firm
Warren Leads Bipartisan Call for Secretary Austin to Terminate DoD Agreements Without All Housing Rights for Military Families
Warren, Booker Ask U.S. Agriculture Department About USDA Chief Economist’s Testimony Against U.S. Justice Department on Behalf of Sugar Industry in Antitrust Case
Senators Warren, Menendez, and Wyden Raise Concern over Lack of Transparency and Responsiveness in CBP Report on Haitian Migrant Treatment at Southern Border
Senator Warren Increases Pressure on Fed for Public Transparency Amid Latest “Egregious and Embarrassing” Ethics Breach
Warren Calls Out Wells Fargo and Zelle for “Evasive”, “Inaccurate” and “Misleading” Responses about Fraud and Scams on Zelle; Calls for Companies to Publicly Release All Data on Zelle Fraud and Scams
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