May 02, 2016

Chicago Sun-Times Op-Ed: How to give people on Social Security a fairer shake

by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Tammy Duckworth

In 2009, a Chicagoan by the name of David Voigt lost his job. He applied for job after job. He even tried finding work in different fields and new careers - but, like so many others at the peak of the recession, he just couldn't find work with the economy doing as poorly as it was. After five years of struggling to get by and make ends meet, Mr. Voigt was on the brink of homelessness when he was able to officially retire and apply for Social Security at the age of 62. His Social Security … Continue Reading

April 07, 2016

Huffington Post Op-Ed: Hard-Working Americans Who Play By the Rules Deserve Retirement Security

by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker

Doctors have a sworn obligation to put the best interests of their patients' above all other interests, including their own. Lawyers have a professional responsibility to protect the best interests of their clients above any other interests, including their own. But, remarkably, financial advisers are allowed to recommend products to unsuspecting customers that are a great deal for the adviser, but not for the person seeking advice. While most advisors put their clients' interests first, some … Continue Reading

March 07, 2016

TalkPoverty.org Op-ed: Why Seniors- Not CEOs- Deserve a Raise

by Senator Elizabeth Warren

Any conversation about tackling poverty in the United States should include protecting and expanding Social Security. The reason is pretty straightforward: Social Security is the most powerful tool available to lift people out of poverty. Nearly two-thirds of seniors depend on Social Security for the majority of their income, and millions more children and adults depend upon survivors and disability benefits. According to Center for Budget and Policy Priorities analysis of Census data, Social … Continue Reading

February 29, 2016

Boston Globe Op-Ed: How to level the playing field for working families

by Elizabeth Warren

I GRADUATED FROM law school nine months pregnant with my second baby - and 100 percent unemployable. In 1976, no law firm was going to offer a job to a woman in my "condition," and even if it did, it was perfectly legal to fire me for taking time off when my son was born. Then things began to change. Twenty-three years ago this month, the landmark Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, was signed into law. Today, most American workers can take unpaid time off to care for a family member or … Continue Reading

January 29, 2016

New York Times Op-Ed: One Way to Rebuild Our Institutions

by Senator Elizabeth Warren

WASHINGTON - WHILE presidential candidates from both parties feverishly pitch their legislative agendas, voters should also consider what presidents can do without Congress. Agency rules, executive actions and decisions about how vigorously to enforce certain laws will have an impact on every American, without a single new bill introduced in Congress. The Obama administration has a substantial track record on agency rules and executive actions. It has used these tools to protect retirement … Continue Reading

January 08, 2016

Worcester Telegram & Gazette Op-Ed: Learning to cut child poverty

by Senator Elizabeth Warren

Last month, Congress took a step to help millions of children escape poverty. Across the country, roughly sixteen million children live in poverty, including more than half the children in public schools. In Massachusetts, 208,000 children live below the poverty line. Poverty is hard on children. Poor children are more likely to have low birth weights, more trouble learning to read, and more problems getting along in school. These early disadvantages never go away. As adults, children reared … Continue Reading

November 11, 2015

CNN.com Op-Ed: Give Social Security recipients a CEO-style raise

by Senator Elizabeth Warren

On Veterans Day we recognize and honor the sacrifices our service members and their families make for our country. We owe our service members the very best, but unless Congress acts, on January 1 more than 9 million veterans who rely on Social Security benefits or pension and compensation benefits will not get their annual cost of living increase. This freeze in funds, which has happened only two other times since 1975, will be really tough on veterans among the 71 million Americans who … Continue Reading

October 20, 2015

Huffington Post Op-Ed: The Banking Industry's Transparent Attempt to Weaken the CFPB

by Senator Elizabeth Warren

You'll never guess who's going around Washington, trolling the halls of Congress, talking about the importance of protecting the long-term health of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The banking industry. That's right: After years of trying to kill, then delay, and then defang the agency, the banking industry and their Republican friends in Congress have launched a new effort to attract Democratic support for their latest attack by claiming that they just want to help the agency and … Continue Reading

September 15, 2015

Credit.com Op-ed: It's Time to Stop Employer Credit Checks

by Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Steve Cohen

Bad credit can happen for a lot of reasons, but today many people have bad credit through no fault of their own. Illness, job loss, divorce or the death of a loved one can plunge a family into unexpected hard times. In difficult circumstances like these, a drop in income or taking on more debt can badly damage a credit report-even for a person who continues to make every payment on time. For countless Americans, the fallout from the financial crisis of 2008 continues to damage their credit. … Continue Reading

September 06, 2015

Worcester Telegram & Gazette Op-ed: Making higher education affordable for all

by Senator Elizabeth Warren

Students all across Massachusetts are off to college. It's an exciting time, but for many families it also means confronting the exploding cost of higher education. Even adjusted for inflation, a family trying to send a son or daughter to a state school today will face tuition prices that are more than 300 percent of what mom or dad paid a generation ago. High prices are forcing more students and their parents to take on mountains of debt just to get a degree. As each family struggles to … Continue Reading

July 01, 2015

USA Today Op-Ed: Sabotage in your IRA

by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker

It's hard - really hard - to save for retirement. And the stats bear this out: Almost one-third of Americans on the edge of retirement have zero savings. Another third have saved less than one year's income. That's why it's important to protect every dollar that someone puts away for their retirement. Many Americans rely on investment advisers for guidance on how to save towards retirement, and most advisers have savers' best interests at heart. But not all advisers put their customers first … Continue Reading

June 30, 2015

TIME Op-Ed: Constitution Had Everything To Do With Gay Marriage Ruling

by Senator Elizabeth Warren

Our Constitution fiercely guards freedom and liberty, and strongly disapproves of state-sanctioned discrimination. The Supreme Court's recent decision in Obergefell v. Hodges recognizing a fundamental right to equal marriage for LGBT Americans sits squarely within both text and tradition. Indeed, what is truly remarkable about this case is not the outcome, but rather the people who made it possible - all of the many individuals across our nation who came forward to fight for the liberty and … Continue Reading

June 23, 2015

Boston Globe Op-Ed: Trade agreements should not benefit industry only

by Senator Elizabeth Warren

Recently Hillary Clinton joined Nancy Pelosi and many others in Congress to call on the president to reorient our trade policy so that it produces a good deal for all Americans - not just for a handful of big corporations. Here's a realistic starting point: Fix the way we enforce trade agreements to ensure a level playing field for everyone. Many of our close allies - major trading partners like Australia, Germany, France, India, South Africa, and Brazil - are already moving in this direction. … Continue Reading

June 05, 2015

Springfield Republican Op-Ed: Republican budget makes rich richer, hurts Massachusetts families

by Senator Elizabeth Warren

A budget is a building plan for the future. It's about what it takes for our families, our businesses, and our economy to thrive. What do we need? Our kids need a good, affordable education. Our workers need good wages, good benefits, and good jobs here in America, jobs built on 21st century innovation and technology. Our businesses and workers need transit, roads, and bridges that are safe enough, strong enough, and fast enough to get us to work and to keep goods and services moving. And … Continue Reading

May 11, 2015

Boston Globe Op-Ed: Who is writing the TPP?

by Senator Elizabeth Warren

Congress is in an intense debate over trade bills that will shape the course of the US economy for decades. Much of this debate has been characterized as a fight over whether international trade itself creates or destroys American jobs. There is, however, another major concern - that modern "trade" agreements are often less about trade and more about giant multinational corporations finding new ways to rig the economic system to benefit themselves. Hillary Clinton has said that the "United … Continue Reading

February 25, 2015

Washington Post Op-Ed: The Trans-Pacific Partnership clause everyone should oppose

by Senator Elizabeth Warren

The United States is in the final stages of negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive free-trade agreement with Mexico, Canada, Japan, Singapore and seven other countries. Who will benefit from the TPP? American workers? Consumers? Small businesses? Taxpayers? Or the biggest multinational corporations in the world? One strong hint is buried in the fine print of the closely guarded draft. The provision, an increasingly common feature of trade agreements, is called … Continue Reading

January 22, 2015

Washington Post Op-Ed: Supreme Court Housing Decision Could Put our Financial Well-Being at Risk

by Senator Elizabeth Warren

The Supreme Court appears poised to continue its systematic assault on our core civil rights laws. After gutting the Voting Rights Act just two years ago, the court set its sights on our country's fair housing laws when it heard oral arguments today in Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. The Inclusive Communities Project. As with the voting rights decision, a decision limiting the scope of the housing laws would ignore the will of Congress and undermine basic principles of … Continue Reading

November 19, 2014

Huffington Post Op-Ed: Enough Is Enough: The President's Latest Wall Street Nominee

by Senator Elizabeth Warren

I believe President Obama deserves deference in picking his team, and I've generally tried to give him that. But enough is enough. Last Wednesday, President Obama announced his nomination of Antonio Weiss to serve as Under Secretary for Domestic Finance at the Treasury Department. This is a position that oversees Dodd-Frank implementation and a wide range of banking and economic policymaking issues, including consumer protection. So who is Antonio Weiss? He's the head of global investment … Continue Reading

November 17, 2014

Wall Street Journal Op-ed: The Fed Needs Governors Who Aren’t Wall Street Insiders

by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Joe Manchin

We joined the Senate Banking Committee to try to make the banking system work better for American families. That's why we're concerned that the Federal Reserve-our first line of defense against another financial crisis-seems more worried about protecting Wall Street than protecting Main Street. Fortunately, this is one problem the Obama administration can start fixing today by nominating the right people to fill the two vacancies on the Fed's Board of Governors. The Board of Governors is … Continue Reading

November 07, 2014

Washington Post Op-Ed: It’s time to work on America’s agenda

by Senator Elizabeth Warren

There have been terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Election Days for Democrats before - and Republicans have had a few of those, too. Such days are always followed by plenty of pronouncements about what just changed and what's going to be different going forward. But for all the talk of change in Washington and in states where one party is taking over from another, one thing has not changed: The stock market and gross domestic product keep going up, while families are getting squeezed hard … Continue Reading

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