Op Eds

October 2019
Boston Globe: Boston Globe: Housing rule would make it harder to fight discrimination
September 2019
The Eagle Tribune: The Eagle Tribune: Safety standards, accountability must enforced after gas disaster
August 2019
Indian Country Today: Indian Country Today: The federal government has a responsibility to write a new chapter in the story of its government-to-government relationship with tribal nations
May 2019
Boston Globe: Boston Globe: Getting people the behavioral health care they need
Brennan Center for Justice: Brennan Center for Justice Op-Ed: End the Two-Tiered System of Justice
CNN: CNN: Americans don't need cliché financial advice. They just need to be paid more
December 2018
The Eagle Tribune: The Eagle Tribune: Justice for the Merrimack Valley starts with real accountability
Washington Post: Washington Post: It's time to let the government manufacture generic drugs
November 2018
Foreign Affairs: Foreign Affairs: A Foreign Policy for All
October 2018
CNN: CNN: End US complicity in Yemen's humanitarian disaster
The Boston Globe: The Boston Globe: Judge Kavanaugh is a pro-gun judicial extremist
The Root: The Root: Sen. Elizabeth Warren Breaks Down America’s Ugly History of Housing Discrimination and How She Plans to Fix It
September 2018
Indianz: Indianz: Empower tribal communities to address the suicide crisis
The Boston Globe: The Boston Globe: 10 years after Lehman collapse, Washington is back to its old tricks
ELLE: ELLE: The Major Reason to Stop Brett Kavanaugh That People Aren't Talking About
August 2018
Wall Street Journal: Wall Street Journal: Companies Shouldn't Be Accountable Only to Shareholders
Bloomberg: Bloomberg: Worried About Wall Street Conflicts? The SEC Isn’t
July 2018
Berkshire Senior: Berkshire Senior: Protecting and Strengthening Healthcare for Seniors
Marie Claire: Marie Claire: If You're Not Worried About Justice Kavanaugh Overturning Roe v. Wade—You Should Be
Good Life from Life Path: Standing up for elders and people with disabilities
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