January 22, 2021

CNBC: Forgiving Student Debt Will Help Senior Citizens, Too

The people elected two leaders — President Biden and Vice President Harris — who committed to boosting our economy by cancelling billions of dollars in student loan debt. That commitment affects more older Americans than you might think. 

Right now, over 43 million people in the United States are buried under $1.5 trillion dollars in federal student loan debt, including 6.3 million borrowers ages 50-64 and nearly a million borrowers over the age of 65 who may still be paying for a loved one’s education or for their own. They’ve carried that burden while the rich have gotten richer in the midst of this pandemic.

This isn’t right. And it’s no wonder so many Americans don’t think Washington works for them.


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By:  Senator Elizabeth Warren, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer
Source: CNBC