March 2023
New Investigation from Senator Warren Uncovers Insurance Companies’ Widespread Abusive Marketing Practices in the Medigap Market, Harming Seniors
February 2023
New Report from Senator Warren: Millions of Americans at Risk of Financial Distress if Supreme Court Blocks Student Debt Cancellation
Government Watchdog Report Reveals Conflicts of Interest and Flawed Oversight of Drug Research Approval Boards
November 2022
New Senate Report from Warren, Lawmakers: Health Care Providers Speak Out on Devastating Harm and Mortal Threats to Women Posed by State Abortion Bans
October 2022
New Report by Senator Warren: Zelle Facilitating Fraud, Based on Internal Data from Big Banks
July 2022
Warren, Colleagues, Call on Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy to Require Cryptomining Companies to Disclose Energy Use and Emissions
June 2022
New Investigation from Senators Warren and Grassley Reveals that Dominant Hearing Aid Manufacturers Mounted “Astroturf” Campaigns to Undermine Safe, Effective, and Affordable Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids
May 2022
New Report from Senator Warren: The SPAC Hack: How SPACs Tilt the Playing Field and Enrich Wall Street Insiders
March 2022
Warren, Markey Investigation Finds That EdTech Student Surveillance Platforms Need Urgent Federal Action to Protect Students
December 2020
Warren Investigation Finds Pervasive Conflicts of Interest and Rubber Stamp Approvals by the Nation's Largest Accreditor of Private Prisons and Immigration Detention Centers
June 2020
Warren, Schatz Release GAO Report Detailing the "Mar-a-Lago Crowd" of Trump Cronies' Undue Influence Over Dept. of Veterans Affairs
April 2020
Senators Warren, Markey, Blumenthal, Harris Reveal, After Bailout, Airlines Sitting on Customers’ Billions but Refuse to Give Cash Refunds During Coronavirus Pandemic
Warren Joins Murray to Release New GAO Report Underscoring Need to Address Maternal Mortality Crisis
January 2020
Warren Leads Colleagues Investigating the Revolving Door Between Federal Agencies and the Private Detention Industry
December 2019
Senators Warren and Blumenthal Release Investigation Revealing Diabetes Patients' Lack of Access to Lower-Priced Insulin
June 2019
Senators Warren, Wyden, and Chairman Cummings Release Watchdog Report Finding 2017 Equifax Breach Increased Risk of Fraud Against Citizens Using Government Services
GAO Agrees to Investigate Federal Disaster Aid Programs' Impact on Inequality
May 2019
Senator Warren, Representative Jayapal Release "Rigged Justice 2.0"; Report Details How President Trump and His Administration are Letting Corporate Crime Run Rampant
Homeland Security Watchdog Finds FEMA "did not follow procurement laws (and) regulations," and Wrongly Awarded Failed Bronze Star LLC Puerto Rico Contract
April 2019
Department of the Interior Deputy Inspector General Opens Investigation to Address Conflicts of Interest Complaints Against Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt
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