August 21, 2020

ICYMI: Warren Tweets on Trump Megadonor-Turned Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Testifying Before Congress

Washington, D.C. - United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) tweeted the following regarding Trump megadonor-turned Postmaster General Louis DeJoy testifying before Congress. DeJoy will testify before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee today and before the House Oversight Committee on Monday. 

Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren Trump megadonor & Postmaster General Louis DeJoy will testify in the Senate this morning about the policy changes he's made to sabotage the @USPS. I'm not on the committee - but here's what DeJoy should answer for:

Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren DeJoy ordered the @USPS to remove mail sorting machines & collections boxes, & admitted he has no plans to fix the damage he's already done.

Will you replace the mail sorting machines & boxes that you ordered the Post Office to remove, Postmaster DeJoy? 

Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren DeJoy cut back on overtime when our @USPS workers will need more overtime to deliver the mail now, & mail-in ballots during this pandemic.

Will you commit to approve all requests for overtime between now and the election, Postmaster DeJoy? 

Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren DeJoy sold Amazon stock on June 24, but bought Amazon future stock options at the same time. He was betting he could cash in on the stock's dip & then rebound. Did that have anything to do with your efforts to sabotage the USPS, Postmaster DeJoy? 

Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren DeJoy holds millions of dollars of stock in XPO Logistics, which does business with @USPS. How can he claim to make impartial decisions with a straight face? Will you divest from any company that does business or competes with USPS, Postmaster DeJoy? 

Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren Thanks to my request, DeJoy is under investigation by @OIGUSPS. Will you fully comply with the IG's investigation, Postmaster DeJoy? How about any criminal investigation? And will you adopt any OIG recommendations to address your conflicts? 

Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren Americans are worried about reports that the cost of mailing in their ballots could triple. Will you commit to returning to the @USPS practice of treating all election mail as First Class mail, without any additional costs to voters, Postmaster DeJoy? 

Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren Trump said @USPS needs money "in order to have the post office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots." Do you agree with President Trump that USPS needs more money, Postmaster DeJoy? Does the Senate need to fund the USPS?

Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren Trump has spread lies & conspiracy theories about mail-in voting during a pandemic. Has Trump or his staff ever requested/suggested you make it harder for people to vote by mail, Postmaster DeJoy?

Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren The VA confirmed that vets' prescriptions have seen nearly 25% delays this year. This can be a life or death delay.  Will you commit to eliminate any delivery delays of VA prescriptions, Postmaster DeJoy? How about delays for seniors on Medicare?

Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren DeJoy said that he would "suspend" initiatives until after the election. As @SenSchumer has demanded, will you provide a detailed list of those initiatives, Postmaster DeJoy? Will you commit to permanently reversing every one that undermines service?

Elizabeth Warren @SenWarren Postmaster General DeJoy's sabotage of @USPS threatens families, small businesses, & our democracy. DeJoy never should have been appointed Postmaster General in the first place - now it's time for him to learn what accountability looks like.