DeVos Watch Whistleblower Tips

Keeping an eye on the Department of Education is part of one of Congress's most important jobs — oversight of the executive branch. Sen. Warren and her staff rely on careful research to find out whether the Department is following federal education laws in the best interests of students and taxpayers. Tips from whistleblowers can provide valuable information about whether the Department's actions are legal and ethical, and whether they honor the trust that students and taxpayers put in the Department.

Whistleblowers who have clear and verifiable information, especially documents, related to the Department of Education, its employees, or its contractors are welcome to submit their tips below. A useful tip will be:

  • Specific: the information contains as much detailed information as possible, such as offices, names, and dates.
  • Widely applicable: the information affects many student borrowers or other stakeholders, rather than just one loan or person. Please see below for resources that can help address personal issues with student loans.
  • Backed by evidence: the tip includes hard evidence, such as official documents, or points to a specific source where Sen. Warren’s staff could obtain documentation or other direct evidence.

Please note

  • Massachusetts residents who would like to request Senator Warren's assistance with a student loan problem or another personal issue related to higher education should contact our office via the Find Assistance form
  • If you would like to submit a complaint about a student loan servicer or debt collector, Senator Warren recommends contacting the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) at
  • Senator Warren's staff will review whistleblower tips submitted via this form and may contact individuals who submit tips. Please note that the office of Senator Warren may not be able to respond individually to each tip submission. Thank you for submitting a tip to DeVos Watch.