July 01, 2024

Warren Statement on Supreme Court Decision in Trump v. United States

Washington, D.C. – Following today’s Supreme Court decision in Trump v. United States, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) issued the following statement: 

“An extremist Supreme Court stacked by Donald Trump has ruled that the President is above the law. Six right-wing justices have given the President free rein to abuse the power of the presidency without constraint. If Donald Trump were President, could he get away with telling the Justice Department to make up dirt to put his political opponents in jail? Could President Trump get away with taking a bribe in exchange for vetoing a law? Could President Trump get away with sending an FBI hit squad to eliminate anyone he decided was a threat? If Trump doesn't get the votes on a bill he wants, can he get away with  ordering the military to round up every lawmaker in Congress? And can Trump get away with doing the same to the Supreme Court while he's at it? This decision is a grave reminder of the stakes in this moment in history.”