August 25, 2023

Warren, Blumenthal Visit Brussels to Meet with NATO Leadership and U.S. Mission to EU

Brussels, Belgium – U.S. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Chair of the Senate Armed Services (SASC) Subcommittee on Personnel, and Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), a member of SASC, met with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) leadership and members of the European Parliament and U.S. Mission to the European Union (USEU) in Brussels, Belgium, to discuss ongoing support for Ukraine and strengthening the transatlantic partnership. Warren and Blumenthal traveled to Belgium from an earlier visit to Kyiv, Ukraine.

Warren and Blumenthal also discussed with NATO leadership how Senate Republican actions to indefinitely block Department of Defense promotions are impacting military readiness and regional security. Hundreds of senior leadership positions have not been filled due to the Republican hold on nominations, including many with direct responsibility for U.S. security in Europe.

“As Chair of the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Personnel, I was glad to meet with NATO leadership and members of the European Parliament and Mission to the EU to discuss the importance of supporting Ukraine and strengthening our alliances to protect our democracies. Senior military leaders confirmed that Republican Senator Tuberville’s holds on military promotions are jeopardizing NATO’s effectiveness and U.S. national security. With members of the E.U. Parliament, we exchanged ideas on how the E.U. is advancing critical legislation to take on monopolies and efforts by U.S. antitrust enforcers to increase competition. I look forward to bringing this firsthand perspective to Congress.” said Senator Warren.

“A strong, united NATO is an imperative to defend democratic values and freedom. The support from the U.S. and our allies – supplying weapons, aircraft, and other humanitarian and military aid – has played a major role in Ukraine’s success on the battlefield. With the addition of Finland and Sweden, the alliance has never been stronger. One thing is clear as we head back to Washington – continued cooperation is essential to safety and security of the United States, our allies, and the rule of law globally,” Blumenthal said. “We’ll press for sustained strong bipartisan support— including prompt approval of the $24 billion supplemental— so America can continue to lead by example. My in-depth conversations with senior military leadership here confirm my worst fears about the effect of Senator Tuberville obstructing promotions in undermining NATO's trust and confidence in America as well as morale of our armed forces.”

The senators met with Members of the European Parliament, including Paul Tang, Assita Kanko, and Aurore Lalucq, to discuss competition policy, anti-money laundering, and cryptocurrency regulation. In 2017, Senator Warren traveled to Eastern Europe and Germany to learn more about plans to counteract Russian efforts to damage European democracies. In 2015, Senator Warren visited Ukraine and other European countries for a visit focused on economic issues and the Syrian refugee crisis.