January 09, 2017

VIDEO: Senator Warren on Republican Efforts to Repeal ACA: "Repeal and Run is for Cowards"

Washington, DC - United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) delivered remarks on the floor of the Senate this evening on Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act with no plan to replace it. Senator Warren talked about the bipartisan commitment in Massachusetts to improve the health care system, and to make responsible adjustments when necessary to lower costs and improve care.

"In Massachusetts, the belief that everyone should have access to affordable health insurance coverage is a shared value that Democrats, Republicans, business leaders, hospitals, insurers, doctors, consumers, and advocates have all worked to implement over the past decade," said Senator Warren. "It's not just the lip-service we're hearing right now; it's a real commitment."

Senator Warren also talked about the American people who will feel the painful consequences of an irresponsible move to repeal and run - kids with diabetes, moms with cancer, grandparents in long-term care, hospitals and insurers.

"Democrats and nonpartisan government officials have worked for years here in Washington to make the health system work. We have made progress. And now, Republicans in Congress are ready to throw away these years and years of progress. They are ready to threaten the collapse of our insurance markets. They are ready to threaten the health and safety of millions of Americans, simply to make a political point. They are ready to repeal and run," Senator Warren said.

She continued, "if Republicans want to destroy health care in America, I will fight them every step of the way. The stakes are too high for the millions of Americans whose futures are about to be sacrificed so that one party can make a political point. Let's stay here and do the work that needs to be done to make sure every American gets access to high quality, affordable health care. Repeal and run is for cowards."

Video available here.