May 05, 2020

Trump COVID-19 Watch

Washington, DC - Elizabeth Warren is continuing her oversight of the Trump Administration's COVID-19 response. Government delivers best when its actions are fair, transparent and accountable. But President Donald Trump's approach to this crisis doesn't reflect those values.

UPCOMING: TODAY during a Senate Banking Committee hearing, Senator Warren will question nominee for Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery Brian Miller about exactly what he'll do to oversee bailout relief funds. You can read her letter to Miller yesterday raising concerns about his independence from the Trump Administration and questioning how he will put the interests of the American people first. 

ON THURSDAY: Senator Warren will be participating in a Senate HELP Committee hearing on testing. In March, she laid out several steps Congress should take to increase the supplies of diagnostic testing for COVID-19 and has introduced legislation to begin publicly manufacturing personal protective equipment, prescription drugs, and other medical supplies necessary to expand testing and combat the COVID-19 pandemic.