April 08, 2014

Senator Warren Urges Senate To Pass Paycheck Fairness Act

Full Video of Senator Warren's Remarks

Washington, DC - United States Senator Elizabeth Warren today delivered remarks on the Senate floor to urge her colleagues to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would empower women to receive equal pay for equal work.

According to a Bloomberg analysis of Census data, "median earnings for women were lower than those for men in 264 of 265 major occupation categories," said Senator Warren. "In 99.6 percent of all occupations, men get paid more than women. 99.6 percent. That's not an accident; that's discrimination."

Senator Warren talked about the long lasting impact of pay discrimination on women who are trying to support themselves and their families. "America's women are tired of hearing that pay inequality isn't real. We're tired of hearing that it is somehow our fault. And we're ready to fight back against pay discrimination... [the Paycheck Fairness Act] simply provides the tools that women need to make sure that salary differences have something to do with the actual job that they are doing - and not just the fact that they are women."