March 01, 2021

Senator Warren Statement for the Trial Record on Her Vote to Convict President Trump and Disqualify Him From Holding Future Elected Office

Washington, DC - Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) submitted the following statement for the trial record on her vote to convict President Donald J. Trump and disqualify him from holding future elected office:

The President swears an oath to faithfully execute the Office of the Presidency and to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” At the very core of that oath is a commitment to democracy—to government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

President Trump tested that commitment. Americans endured a pandemic while casting their votes in the November 2020 election. Following that election, the outgoing President baselessly sowed doubt about its legitimacy and refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power. In the days leading up to January 6, 2021, President Trump agitated his most dangerous supporters – who had already shown a propensity for violence –  and called on them to interfere with Congress’s duty to formally count the votes of the Electoral College. Donald Trump wanted a riot to take place on January 6th. We know because he said so. And when police officers defending the Capitol were overrun by his mob, he did nothing. Democracy is at its most fragile at the moment of transition—and that fragility is exactly what the former President sought to exploit.

During President Trump’s second impeachment trial, his defense tried to paint for Americans a picture of a President who called for peaceful protest, and who bears no responsibility for the January 6th assault on the People’s House. But the President’s actions took place before our eyes. His conduct before, during, and immediately after the assault on the Capitol is well known to the American public. He is uniquely responsible for the events of January 6th.

Americans spoke clearly and forcefully in November when they elected a new president. Donald Trump’s attempt to cling to power through lies and violence is just what the Framers of our Constitution feared. But part of the brilliance of our Constitution’s separation of powers is that we, the Congress, have the power and obligation to defend against such gross misconduct through impeachment. 

I voted to convict and disqualify former President Donald Trump because he violated his oath of office, and because our future leaders must know that such abuses of power will not be tolerated in a free and democratic society. I will continue to call out these abuses, and to keep those in power accountable.