November 03, 2017

Senator Warren Requests EPA Investigation of Water Discoloration in Norton

Urges EPA to Ensure Water Meets Health Standards, Determine Cause, and Work with Local Officials to Address the Issue

Text of the letter (PDF)

Washington, DC - United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) today requested that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conduct an investigation into discolored water flowing out of faucets in Norton, Mass. reportedly due to an ongoing flushing of the town's water main and hydrants.

Residents of Norton have been experiencing water ranging in color from pale yellow to dark brown. While local officials have said that the water meets health standards, the degree of discoloration has alarmed local residents.

"I urge you to interact with the town of Norton, Massachusetts and the Commonwealth to ensure that the water does indeed meet health standards, and further provide assistance in confidently determining the exact cause of the discoloration," wrote Senator Warren.  "Additionally, I urge EPA to work with town officials to aid the Town of Norton and the Commonwealth in mitigating this discoloration issue.  The residents of Norton deserve nothing short of absolute confidence in the quality of their drinking water."