May 31, 2017

Senator Warren Launches "DeVos Watch" Oversight Effort to Strengthen Accountability of Federal Student Aid Program

Read Senator Warren's op-ed at here

Watch Senator Warren's video announcing DeVos Watch here

WASHINGTON, DC - U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren today announced the launch of DeVos Watch, an oversight effort focused on strengthening the accountability of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's management of the Federal Student Aid program.

In an op-ed published today at, Senator Warren noted the recent release of President Trump's  and Secretary DeVos's proposed budget, which includes troubling cuts to federal student aid programs. She also cited the recent abrupt resignation of the head of the federal student aid office amid reports of political meddling by Secretary DeVos, explaining, "With the educational and financial futures of millions of people hanging in the balance, here's a place to start scrutinizing Secretary DeVos."

Since Secretary DeVos was confirmed in February, Senator Warren has questioned the Education Department (ED) about its higher education priorities, including policies that benefit predatory for-profit colleges and debt collectors at the expense of student borrowers. She also has raised concerns about conflicts of interest held by key ED officials.

As part of DeVos Watch, Senator Warren will pursue these kinds of oversight efforts, inform the public by shining a light on ED's actions, and gather information about the management of the student aid program.  

"We all have an interest in a well-run, fiscally responsible, corruption-free student aid program that puts students first. That is Secretary DeVos' job - and it is Congress' job to make sure she does it," Senator Warren said.

Updates about the DeVos Watch project will be published at A form for whistleblowers to send tips to Senator Warren's office also is available on this page.