March 03, 2016

Senator Warren Highlights Corporate Capture of the Rulemaking Process

Text of remarks (PDF)

Washington, DC – In remarks today at a Regulatory Capture Forum hosted by the Administrative Conference of the United States, Senator Elizabeth Warren highlighted the challenges posed by corporate capture of the rulemaking process. 

“When it comes to undue industry influence, our rule-making process is broken from start to finish,” Senator Warren said. “At every stage – from the months before a rule is proposed to the final decision of a court hearing a challenge to that rule – the existing process is loaded with opportunities for powerful industry groups to tilt the scales in their favor.”

Noting examples of corporate interests tilting the scales during Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rulemaking and throughout the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs’ (OIRA’s) regulatory review process, the senator identified several principles for regulatory reform that would level the playing field and help ensure that regulatory agencies act in the public’s interest.

“Regulatory reform is a popular idea, but too many proposals are supported by the industries to be regulated precisely because those proposals would create even more opportunities for them to block regulations they don’t like,” said Senator Warren. “Regulatory reform is badly needed, but the reforms must address the central problem—a tilted playing field that benefits the rich and powerful.” 

Read the full text of Senator Warren’s speech here.