December 20, 2013

Senator Warren Applauds Nomination of Judge Leo T. Sorokin to U.S. District Court

Judge Sorokin Recommended By Warren Advisory Committee on Massachusetts Judicial Nominations

BOSTON - President Obama has announced that he has nominated Chief Magistrate Judge Leo T. Sorokin to serve on the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

Sorokin was recommended to Senator Elizabeth Warren as a top candidate to fill a federal judicial vacancy in Boston by the Advisory Committee on Massachusetts Judicial Nominations.

"I was very pleased to recommend Chief Magistrate Judge Leo T. Sorokin to the President for nomination to a District Court vacancy in Boston," Warren said. "His years of experience as a Magistrate Judge with the U.S. District Court and his long service as a public defender will improve the professional diversity of our courts. He is highly qualified to serve on the federal bench, and will be an outstanding District Court judge."

Sorokin has served for more than eight years as a United States Magistrate Judge for the District of Massachusetts, and is currently the Chief Magistrate Judge for the District of Massachusetts. He has previously worked as a public defender and as a public and private attorney. 

Earlier this year, Senator Elizabeth Warren announced the appointment of an Advisory Committee on Massachusetts judicial nominations to solicit, interview, and comment on applications for federal District Court vacancies in Springfield and Boston. The Committee is comprised of distinguished members of the Massachusetts legal community, including prominent academics and litigators, and is chaired by former District Court Judge Nancy Gertner. The Committee reviewed applications, interviewed candidates, and recommended Judge Sorokin to fill a vacancy on the District Court in Boston.