June 06, 2016

Senator Elizabeth Warren Releases Report Detailing GOP's Extremist Record of Obstructing Key Obama Nominees

A copy of the report is available here (PDF)

Washington, DC - United States Senator Elizabeth Warren today released a report highlighting Senate Republicans' long record of delaying and blocking votes on President Obama's nominees to the judiciary and to other key administration positions, culminating in the GOP's ongoing obstruction of Supreme Court Nominee Chief Judge Merrick Garland.

"The idea that Senate Republicans are willing to leave our highest court short-handed for nearly a year seems shocking. But the fact is that, for more than seven years, they have waged an unrelenting campaign to keep key positions throughout government empty," Senator Warren said. "This report documents the long history of Republican obstruction of Obama administration nominees -- a story that started at the very beginning of Obama's presidency. Instead of preventing government from functioning properly, Republicans should do the job the American people sent us here to do by giving the president's nominees fair consideration."

Senator Warren's report, Going to Extremes: The Supreme Court and Senate Republicans' Unprecedented Record of Obstruction of President Obama's Nominees, examines how Senate Republicans have made it their priority to undermine President Obama by delaying or halting altogether the confirmation of federal judges and officials to lead the agencies that protect consumers and workers, hold large corporations accountable, and promote equality.

When compared with other recent presidents, Obama's first-term judicial nominees moved more slowly and fewer nominees were confirmed, and a larger percentage of Obama's uncontroversial first-term judicial nominees -- those reported and eventually confirmed overwhelmingly -- waited long periods of time for confirmation after being nominated. When the GOP gained the Senate majority, the party slowed confirmations even more. Further, Senate Republicans have used the same strategy to delay and halt the confirmation process for agency officials, leaving critical posts without confirmed leaders for long periods.

A PDF copy of the report is available here.