June 03, 2014

Sen. Warren: EPA's Clean Power Plan is "Powerful Step" In Fight to Tackle Climate Crisis

Senator Highlights Proposed Rule's Health & Environmental Benefits, Calls Out Special Interest Opponents in Floor Speech

Video of Senator Warren's remarks available here

Full text of Senator Warren's remarks available here

WASHINGTON, DC - Senator Elizabeth Warren praised the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan in a floor speech on Monday, calling it a "powerful step" in the fight to protect Americans' health and the environment, and to tackle the climate change crisis.

"We face a crisis. We know that high carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere are driving climate change," said Senator Warren. "We know those carbon dioxide levels are increasing the acidity of our oceans, disrupting already-fragile marine ecosystems.  And we know that power plants are responsible for about 40% of America's carbon pollution.  Add all that up, and we know enough to know that reducing carbon pollution from power plant emissions will make a real difference in the fight against climate change."

Senator Warren continued by calling out powerful special interest opponents:

"I applaud President Obama and EPA Administrator McCarthy for their leadership in stepping up and pushing for meaningful standards, and I expect that a strong, final rule will be implemented next year.  Because no matter the opposition, no matter how powerful those industries that would let our forests burn, let our crops dry up, let our children get sick, and let our cities drown just to protect their own profits, we have no choice but to take real action to fight climate change. The simple truth is that our future depends on it."

To watch Senator Warren's full remarks, click here.