July 15, 2013

Sen. Warren Calls on Senate to Vote on Cordray Re-nomination as CFPB Director

Washington, DC - United States Senator Elizabeth Warren today called on the Senate to vote on the re-nomination of Rich Cordray to be Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

"I know that some Republicans and lobbyists think that this filibuster on Rich's appointment can shut down the work of the agency.  They think it can shut down the agency and protect the big banks from any meaningful consumer protection rules," said Senator Warren, in her remarks on the floor of the Senate.

"Outside the halls of this Congress and the fancy lobbyist offices across Washington, no one wants more fine print and more tricks and traps.  No one thinks it's ok to cheat regular people and cut special deals for giant banks.  And no one wants to take the cops off the beat so big banks can break the rules without being held accountable. So let me be clear to those who think this filibuster will shut down the work of the new agency, let me be crystal clear.  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the law and it is here to stay.  Do your dirtiest with obstructing the confirmation of the Director, but the agency will keep on doing what it does best:  fighting for people."

For a video of the Senator's remarks, click here. For the Senator's remarks, as prepared for delivery, click here.