November 30, 2022

ICYMI: Senator Warren Introduces Julia Kobick Before Senate Judiciary Committee

Video of Exchange (YouTube)

Washington D.C. -  At today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) introduced Julia Kobick, nominee to the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts. Senators Warren and Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) recommended Ms. Kobick to President Biden for appointment to the federal bench. 

Transcript: Senate Judiciary Committee Nomination Hearings of Julia Kobick Remarks as Prepared
U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee
Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Senator Elizabeth Warren: Thank you, Chairman Durbin and Ranking Member Grassley. I appreciate the opportunity to come before you to introduce Ms. Julia Kobick, a nominee to the District Court in Massachusetts. Senator Markey and I were proud to recommend her to President Biden for appointment to the federal bench.

A native of the Commonwealth, Ms. Kobick earned a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College before beginning her career as a public school teacher in New York City. While teaching various subjects to second and third grade students, Ms. Kobick earned a Masters in Elementary Education at Pace University. She would go on to continue her education at Harvard Law School, where she served on the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review. 

Following law school, Ms. Kobick completed clerkships at every level of the federal judiciary. First as a clerk to Judge Dennis Saylor on the District Court in Massachusetts, then as a clerk to Chief Judge Michael Chagares on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, who I understand is here today in support of  Ms. Kobick’s nomination. Finally, Ms. Kobick clerked for the incomparable, late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the Supreme Court of the United States. 

With these incredibly impressive credentials, Ms. Kobick could have pursued any number of different legal opportunities. She chose to take her talents to the Massachusetts Attorneys General Office and dedicate her career to serving the people of our great state of Massachusetts. From 2013 to 2021, Ms. Kobick worked as an Assistant Attorney General in the Constitutional and Administrative Law Division. In this role, she worked on important cases involving health care access, child welfare, and constitutional issues. In the summer of 2021, Ms. Kobick was elevated to the role of Deputy State Solicitor and has primarily handled civil and criminal appellate litigation. 

Ms. Kobick is a rare legal talent and her nomination is widely supported by members of the Massachusetts legal community, her fellow Supreme Court Clerks, and even past courtroom adversaries. In fact, in a letter submitted to this Committee on behalf of several opposing counsels, they describe her as possessing “first rate” legal abilities and intellect. They go on to say, “All of us enjoy working with and against her, even when our parties’ interests directly clash.” I’m sure all of us in this body would aspire to that kind of reputation. 

Current and former members of the Massachusetts state judiciary endorse Ms. Kobick’s nomination declaring that her “integrity, temperament and character make her well suited to be a judge.” And every Massachusetts Attorney General dating back to 1987 has written in support of Ms. Kobick, collectively praising her “tireless dedication, keen analytical skills, superb writing skills, and sound judgment.”

Ms. Kobick’s qualifications and character are beyond reproach and I am proud to express my support for her nomination to the District Court in Massachusetts. I want to congratulate Ms. Kobick on this achievement, and recognize her husband Fiery Cushman; her two daughters, her parents Dan and Laurie Kobick, and the rest of her colleagues and friends who are here supporting her today.