October 08, 2020

ICYMI: Elizabeth Warren The Cut Op-Ed: We Know Exactly How Amy Coney Barrett Feels About Abortion. Don't let Republicans Pretend otherwise

Read the full op-ed here 

Washington, DC -  United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) published an op-ed in The Cut on how Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee was picked to overturn Roe v. Wade and turn back the clock on reproductive rights. Senator Warren writes that voting is already under way across the country and with only 26 days before the election is completed, we cannot fill this Supreme Court seat until after the next president is installed.

Read the full op-ed here. Key sections below: 

President Trump and his Republican enablers have tried to deny this obvious fact. The President recently said that he "didn't know" how Barrett would rule on reproductive rights, and Republicans in the Senate have fallen in line. The Republican party knows the large majority of Americans don't support overturning Roe v. Wade. They benefit when we stay on the sidelines - and they want us to sit back and stay quiet while our fundamental freedoms are on the line.


Barrett is Trump's ideal candidate to accomplish his plans. In 2006, she signed a newspaper ad calling for the end of Roe and describing the decision as "barbaric." She was a member of an anti-choice group while on the University of Notre Dame faculty. She's also been critical of the Affordable Care Act and the Supreme Court's past decision to uphold the law in court. Her position on abortion and other reproductive rights are clear: She believes women cannot be trusted to make decisions about their own bodies. 


If Barrett's nomination makes you scared and angry, you're right to be: 17 abortion-related cases are already one step away from the Supreme Court. Twenty-one states have laws that could be used to restrict abortion in the event Roe is overturned. And if Barrett's confirmation is rammed through quickly, she'll have the opportunity-on November 10th-to hear a case about overturning the Affordable Care Act, and a lifetime on the nation's highest court to undermine the rights and values we hold dear.


But this isn't a moment to back down. Already, it's inspiring to see so many women and friends of women coming off the sidelines in this fight - and we must continue to speak up, call your senators, and make sure this conversation is grounded in our real experiences. Men must speak up, too, because reproductive freedom affects us all.