July 28, 2020

Trump COVID-19 Watch

Washington, DC - Elizabeth Warren is continuing her oversight of the Trump Administration's COVID-19 response. We're regularly setting new daily highs in confirmed coronavirus cases and unemployment rates are at the highest levels since the Great Depression. President Donald Trump's failure to lead has allowed the virus to spread and put millions of Americans lives and livelihoods at risk. 

Senators Warren and Booker released information from their investigation into giant meatpackers exploitation of workers and consumers during COVID-19. In response to the senators' questions, the meatpackers sent glorified press releases that failed to answer key questions - while their workers got sick at record rates. Their responses underscored the need for enforceable safety standards and long-term reform in our food system. 

At a Senate Aging Hearing, Senator Warren highlighted the critical importance of collecting race and ethnicity data to address the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on seniors of color -- and called out  the Trump Administration's failure to collect comprehensive demographic data on those affected by COVID-19. 

As cases surge across the country, Senator Warren asked the CDC if it will use its authority to implement public health measures like mask requirements and limits on gatherings, especially in states that aren't doing enough to stop the virus.

Senators Warren and Murray led their colleagues urging HHS to address the needs of pregnant people during the COVID-19 pandemic and to combat the maternal mortality crisis. 

Senator Warren led her colleagues requesting information on what the Trump Administration is doing to identify, address, and communicate with policymakers and the public about the chronic health effects of COVID-19..

UPCOMING: Senator Warren will be questioning CDC and the  Department of Education on politicization of school re-opening guidelines.