July 21, 2020

Trump COVID-19 Watch

Washington, DC - Elizabeth Warren is continuing her oversight of the Trump Administration's COVID-19 response. We're regularly setting new daily highs in confirmed coronavirus cases and unemployment rates are at the highest levels since the Great Depression. President Donald Trump's failure to lead has allowed the virus to spread and put millions of Americans lives and livelihoods at risk. 

Senator Warren led her Senate colleagues in a letter  criticizing the Trump Administration's bad deal that allows Gilead -- the manufacturer of the COVID-19 antiviral drug Remdesivir -- to charge U.S. purchasers the highest prices in the world. The senators called on the administration to use its existing legal authority to address the high prices and ensure adequate supply of the drug.

Senator Warren called on Special Inspector General for Pandemic Recovery Brian Miller to investigate the reports of a  "COVID Lobbying Palooza" -- involving dozens of companies that received CARES Act funds after hiring Trump-connected lobbyists to help seek money or regulatory favors.

Senator Warren, a member of the Senate HELP and Aging Committees, urged CMS and CDC to collect and publicly release demographic data on residents and workers of nursing homes who are diagnosed with COVID-19.

After an inquiry from Senator Warren, the Department of Defense said big defense contractors cannot divert increased progress payments during COVID-19 to share buybacks, dividends, or executive salaries. 

UPCOMING: During a Senate Aging Committee hearing. Senator Warren will discuss the critical importance of collecting demographic data on COVID-19 and the Trump Administration's failure to collect this data.