July 07, 2020

Trump COVID-19 Watch

Washington, DC - Elizabeth Warren is continuing her oversight of the Trump Administration's COVID-19 response. Government delivers best when its actions are fair, transparent and accountable. But President Donald Trump's approach to this crisis doesn't reflect those values.

After questioning from Senator Warren, Dr. Anthony Fauci told Congress last week the U.S. could see 100,000 COVID-19 cases a day and that the country is going in the "wrong direction." 

Senator Warren, in a nine-page letter, demanded Vice President Pence take stronger nationwide action to address new COVID-19 surges, contain the virus, and protect the economy after Dr. Fauci's dire warning. 

Senator Warren released findings from the first comprehensive survey of COVID-19 in assisted living facilities, estimating approximately 7,000 assisted living residents may have died from COVID-19, and finding that assisted living facilities do not have to report any of these cases or deaths to the federal government. 

Senator Warren led colleagues requesting answers from HHS about the Department's handling of the personal health information of millions of Americans in its COVID-19 response. 

UPCOMING: Senator Warren will be probing Gilead's Remdesivir pricing.