July 06, 2020

Univision: We Must Act Now to End the Devastating Impacts of Covid-19

No family should lose their home, especially during a pandemic - but Latino renters are disproportionately likely to report having little to no confidence they can make their next housing payment.

When the big banks and mortgage companies crashed our economy in 2008, Wall Street CEOs got taxpayer bail-outs from the federal government, while working people got stuck with the bill.

And for already vulnerable communities of color, the recession hit even worse. Latino communities were some of the hardest hit, with a Pew Research Center study finding that the median wealth of these households fell by 66% from 2005-2009. If the federal government doesn’t act, the COVID-19 pandemic will have a similarly catastrophic and enduring effect on the Latino community.

As we continue to learn more about COVID-19, new data is shedding light on the devastating and disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on communities of color, including Latino communities.This pandemic hasn’t just exposed the disparities that exist for communities of color; it’s making them worse.


Read the full op-ed on Univision here

By:  Senator Elizabeth Warren
Source: Univision