October 12, 2020

Rolling Stone: Elizabeth Warren on How to Honor RBG’s Legacy — and the Dangers of Confirming Amy Coney Barrett

“If this feels personal, that’s because it is,” writes Warren. “Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a personal hero for me and for millions of other women.”

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a trailblazer. She was an icon. The legend known as the “Notorious RBG.” And to me, she was a role model and a friend. Her sharp legal mind, her compassion, and her fighting spirit pried open doors for millions of women, including myself. 

I remember when I was a young mother and I was at Rutgers, trying something as seemingly outlandish as going to law school. It was a really lonely undertaking. But Ruth was an example of a woman who made it, and even better, a woman who was fighting for other women. Ruth had just left the faculty to teach at Columbia Law School when I got to Rutgers, but the women — and the men — all knew her. We knew she was going to change the world. And she did.


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By:  Elizabeth Warren
Source: Rolling Stone