April 22, 2021

Boston Globe: Warren joins push for more housing help from DC, seeking nearly $500 billion for 3 million new homes

Add Senator Elizabeth Warren to the growing list of Washington Democrats urging federal help to tackle a housing crunch that’s affecting Greater Boston and many other places across the United States.

The Massachusetts Democrat on Thursday proposed a nearly $500 billion package of legislation that she said would help fund 3 million new homes nationwide, new supply that could help reduce rents for lower- and middle-class families by 10 percent.

“The cost of housing is squeezing American families in communities all across the country — rural, suburban, urban — whether they’re struggling to pay rent or trying to buy a home,” Warren said in a statement. “It’s time to stop nibbling around the edges and, instead, pass this big, bold proposal to solve our housing crisis and take steps to address the legacy of housing discrimination.”


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By:  Tim Logan
Source: The Boston Globe