September 18, 2018

TIME: Elizabeth Warren's New Argument: Corruption Drives Inequality

President Donald Trump pledged to “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C., but his Administration has been beset by ethics scandals both big and small.  

Now, one of his potential opponents in 2020 has put together a detailed legislative proposal to tackle a wide range of issues involving lobbying and self-dealing in Washington, some of which seem aimed directly at Trump’s indiscretions.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act would institute a lifetime ban on lobbying for presidents, vice presidents, members of Congress, federal judges and Cabinet secretaries; require the president and vice president to place certain assets, such as real estate, into a blind trust; mandate the IRS release eight years’ worth of tax returns for all presidential and vice presidential candidates and create a new independent U.S. Office of Public Integrity to enforce ethics laws — among other things.

In an interview with TIME, the Massachusetts Democrat, who polls show is cruising to re-election in this year’s midterms, said that the bill would help Washington work more ethically and help the working class.

Read the full interview with TIME here.

By:  Abby Vesoulis
Source: TIME