June 14, 2018

The Nation: The Poor People’s Campaign Is Changing the Moral Narrative of Congress

Activists are getting at least some members of Congress to listen to the real stories of poverty and injustice in America

The Poor People’s Campaign has come to Washington to challenge members of Congress to address systemic racism, poverty, and inequality, ecological devastation and militarism.

The members who showed up were moved by the call. “We’re here today because there is something happening in America. The poor and the marginalized and the suffering are taking to the streets in our capitals across this country to reclaim our government and to demand a government for all the people,” Senator Warren told her colleagues and the crowd that packed the hearing room. “The Poor People’s Campaign is the tip of the spear in this fight. It has launched a season of direct action to unite tens of thousands of people across this country to fight for the soul of America. The campaign has called on Congress to hear directly to those people. We are here to respond to that call.”

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By:  John Nichols
Source: The Nation