August 02, 2021

Teen Vogue: Elizabeth Warren Talks Voting Rights, Abortion Access, and Ending the Filibuster

Elizabeth Warren is worried. About access to the ballot box, about access to abortion, about “the fundamental freedoms in this country.” Since ending her presidential campaign over a year ago, Warren has maintained her place as a leading progressive voice in the Senate, speaking out against the Supreme Court nomination of Justice Amy Coney Barrett, and cosponsoring legislative reforms like the For the People Act, The John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and the Women's Health Protection Act, federal legislation that would protect a pregnant person’s right to an abortion.

“Each intersects with the other,” the Massachusetts senator tells Teen Vogue. “A right-wing minority in this country has pushed for the appointment of a federal bench that is hostile to these basic rights. The Supreme Court is poised either to undercut Roe even further, or to overturn it altogether. They've already gutted a big part of the Voting Rights Act.” 


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By:  Lauren Young
Source: Teen Vogue