July 27, 2020

Common Dreams: Sen. Warren Demands Eviction Moratorium as New Reporting Sheds Light on Nation's Stark Housing Inequality

"This pandemic is deepening our country's already historic levels of inequality."

Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday called for an extension of a federal evictions moratorium and expanded unemployment benefits in response to new reporting spotlighting Americans' divergent housing realities as a result of the nation's deepening inequality triggered by the coronavirus pandemic. 

The headline on the Washington Post's Monday story puts the disparity in clear terms: "2020 Is the Summer of Booming Home Sales—And Evictions." 

"Americans with money in the bank are buying bigger homes, while renters increasingly worry about eviction," wrote the Post's Heather Long.


Read the full story on the Common Dreams website here. 


By:  Andrea Germanos
Source: Common Dreams