April 06, 2018

MassLive: Elizabeth Warren presses immigration officials on policy allowing pregnant women to be detained

Responding to reports of mistreatment and miscarriages at ICE facilities, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, asked federal immigration officials this week to provide information regarding a policy change that impacts the number of pregnant women being detained.

Warren, along with other Senate Democrats, penned a letter to Immigration and Customs Enforcement Deputy Director Thomas Homan seeking information on why ICE changed its detention policy, how many pregnant women are in immigration detention and what pregnancy-related health services are available at the agency's detention centers.


"In light of reports that ICE has failed to provide critical medical care to pregnant women in immigration detention, resulting in miscarriages and other negative health outcomes, this policy change is particularly alarming," they wrote.

Read the full artcle on the MassLive website here. 

By:  Shannon Young
Source: MassLive