August 06, 2020

The New York Times: Elizabeth Warren Says Child Care Is Key to Bringing the Economy Back

The senator on child care during a pandemic: “Women continue to have to manage it all.”

America is in the middle of a child care meltdown.

Millions of children are out of school and unlikely to return anytime soon. Day care centers are being pushed the brink of collapse. And parents are trying — and often failing — to balance care with working.

None of this surprises Elizabeth Warren. The Massachusetts senator — still under consideration to be Joe Biden’s running mate — made child care a centerpiece of her presidential campaign, proposing one of the most ambitious plans in the primary field. Her Aunt Bee, an older relative who helped Ms. Warren care for her own children when she was a young law professor, became a staple of her stump speech, a personal parable of how few American families can make it on their own.


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By:  Lisa Lerer
Source: The New York Times