October 05, 2020

Forbes: Elizabeth Warren: Executives Of Predatory Colleges Should Be Held Personally Liable For Misconduct

Senator Elizabeth Warren called on Monday for the owners and executives of predatory schools and colleges to be held personally liable for school misconduct.

“Millions of Americans are being crushed by over $1.5 trillion dollars in outstanding federal student loan debt, with Black and Brown communities disproportionally impacted, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis hits the same communities the hardest,” said Senator Warren in a statement. “Much of that debt came from predatory for-profit colleges that defrauded students while their executives and owners got filthy rich off of taxpayer dollars with zero accountability. We need a Department of Education that will end this boondoggle, protect students, cancel fraudulent student debt, and... use every tool available to hold college executives and owners who defraud students personally accountable.”


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By:  Adam S. Minsky, Esq.
Source: Forbes