August 23, 2018

Daily Beast: Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan to Actually Drain the Swamp and Save Capitalism

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is determined to let you know that she’s a capitalist.

It is, perhaps, a semi-radical thing to say in this day and age in Democratic politics. The party’s base has veered more comfortably to the left, embracing broad progressive policiesfrom Medicare for All to a federal jobs guarantee. And though the senator from Massachusetts is backing these very legislative proposals, she’s also making a play for nuance. There is, she explains, wisdom in capitalism, provided the addition of guard rails ensuring that corporations don’t outweigh consumers when it comes to markets and governance.

“I believe in markets,” Warren told The Daily Beast in an interview on Tuesday, after unveiling a sprawling anti-corruption legislative package. “And the enormous value that markets can produce. But only if those markets have rules. I believe in democracy but that means a democracy that is truly representative of the people.” 

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By:  Gideon Resnick
Source: Daily Beast