September 13, 2019

Curbed: Sen. Warren has a plan for military housing

A striking report released by the Army Inspector General this week found that housing for members of the U.S. military run by private companies is substandard and poorly maintained, and in many cases, provides the companies with long-term profits.

At a time when the federal government is redirecting funds appropriated for schools and other infrastructure improvements on military bases to pay for the border wall, the report underscores continued difficulty to provide quality housing and living conditions for our soldiers. Part of a series of official investigations that have uncovered disturbing conditions for military families, these revelations inspired Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Deb Haaland to introduce the Military Housing Oversight and Service Member Protection Act in April, a bill that aims to improve the state of military housing.

”Our servicemembers make sacrifices to protect our country, and they and their families deserve safe, affordable housing that isn’t falling apart around them,” Senator Warren said in a statement. “This bill will eliminate the kind of corner-cutting and neglect the Defense Department should never have let these private housing providers get away with in the first place.”

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By:  Patrick Sisson
Source: Curbed