August 21, 2018

CNN: Warren pitches new anti-corruption plan, calls Trump administration 'stinkiest example' of old problem

Sen. Elizabeth Warren unveiled a series of new planks Tuesday in her wider plan to stem corporate influence on government and root out corruption in Washington.

Introduced as a potential 2020 presidential primary contender, the Massachusetts Democrat took aim at President Donald Trump, casting him as the product of a rotten system rather than an outlier or fluke and saying his administration fit a decades-old pattern of self-dealing in Washington.
Warren's plan, which would impose a lifetime ban on appointed officials from taking lobbying jobs, is dead on arrival in a Republican-controlled Congress. But it is likely to influence the talking points of other Democrats and, should she run for higher office in 2020, be a staple of her campaign pitch.

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By:  Gregory Krieg and Dan Merica
Source: CNNPolitics