May 20, 2021

CNN: Senators call on Biden administration to demand Saudi end blockade tactics on a starving Yemen

(CNN) - A group of Democratic senators are calling on President Joe Biden to take "immediate and decisive action" to end Saudi Arabia's "blockade tactics" in Yemen that have prevented food, medicine and other crucial supplies from reaching desperate and starving people there.

A Saudi failure to meet those demands should result in consequences, the senators wrote in a Wednesday letter to Biden that CNN has seen, "to include pending weapons sales, military cooperation, the provision of maintenance for war planes and spare parts, as well as U.S.-Saudi ties more broadly."
"Immediate and decisive action must be taken to end the ongoing blockade of fuel imports that is exacerbating the growing humanitarian crisis," sixteen Democratic senators wrote in a letter led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. "The United States has diplomatic and economic leverage to compel Saudi Arabia to end its callous blockade of Yemen and we must use it before more lives are needlessly lost."
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By:  Jennifer Hansler, Nima Elbagir and Nicole Gaouette
Source: CNN