February 06, 2020

CBS Boston: Lawmakers Push Airlines To Reduce Airplane Noise Around Logan Airport

BOSTON – Massachusetts lawmakers are pushing major airlines to cut down on airplane noise around Logan Airport. Letters sent to American, Delta and Southwest Airlines are “urging them to act to reduce airplane-related noise problems that have affected Massachusetts residents and communities across the country.”

“As Congress works to address airplane noise, and address the noise pollution that has resulted from FAA’s new navigation system, your company can also take steps to alleviate concerns of communities affected by increased airplane noise,” Senators Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey and Representatives Stephen Lynch, Joseph Kennedy, Katherine Clark and Ayanna Pressley wrote. “We ask that your company take steps to reduce airplane noise from your fleet and provide information about how your company has worked to mitigate noise-related complaints associated with your airplanes by February 28, 2020.”


The letters note that some airlines including JetBlue have voluntarily agreed to try to fly more quietly by retrofitting their fleet with noise-reducing vortex generators. The lawmakers are asking American, Delta and Southwest to take similar measures.

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By:  CBS Boston
Source: CBS Boston