August 10, 2021

Boston Globe: ‘Our work isn’t done’ - Warren, Markey say $1 trillion infrastructure package just the opening act

The trillion-dollar infrastructure bill that the US Senate passed Tuesday will direct $8 billion to Massachusetts for various projects if the measure ultimately becomes law, Senator Ed Markey’s office said Tuesday.

Markey’s office provided that eye-popping tally, as well as a breakdown of the disbursals, in a statement shortly after he and his colleagues passed the bill by a 69-30 tally, sending the measure to the House of Representatives. The House must also pass the bill before it’s sent to President Biden for his signature.

According to the statement, the cash that would come Massachusetts’s way includes $4.2 billion for road improvements, $1.1 billion for bridge replacement and repair, and $2.5 billion for enhancing public transit systems like the MBTA.


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By:  Travis Andersen
Source: Boston Globe