December 09, 2019

Boston Globe: Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey join the fight to save minor league baseball

Massachusetts senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey have entered the escalating fray over Major League Baseball’s proposal to strip the Lowell Spinners and 41 other minor-league teams of their major-league affiliation.

In a sharply worded letter delivered to MLB commissioner Rob Manfred late last week, Warren and Markey depicted the contraction plan as “a slap in the face to Lowell, and to communities across the country.”

“This scheme would cause significant economic damage to the City of Lowell, eliminate an important piece of the community’s cultural footprint, and disappoint baseball fans of all ages all while doing long-term damage to the game’s ability to keep and grow its fan base,” the letter read.  

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By:  Michael Silverman
Source: Boston Globe