June 25, 2018

Boston Globe: Democrats flood border, demanding answers on immigrant child separations

Congressional Democrats are flocking to the border, investigating conditions in immigrant detention centers and denouncing President Trump.

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representatives Katherine Clark and Mike Capuano of Massachusetts were among the more than two dozen Democratic lawmakers who traveled to the Southern border this weekend in a blue wave of outrage.

But they were unable to extract many answers from front-line US Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, who are awaiting directions from Washington on how to accomplish the daunting task of reuniting the thousands of children the government separated from their parents as part of a “zero tolerance” policy on the border. They also gave little information on where families and children would be held together under Trump’s revised policy — and for how long.

“Every question I asked seemed to have a complicated answer that led to two more questions,” Warren told the Globe in a phone interview Sunday.

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By:  Liz Goodwin
Source: Boston Globe