November 27, 2017

Washington Post: Trump wants to destroy Elizabeth Warren’s brainchild. In a new interview, Warren hits back.

President Trump's perpetual scamming of his working- and middle-class voters takes a new turn Monday, amid a war that has erupted over the fate of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The battle is over who will run the agency, now that director Richard Cordray has resigned: Cordray's choice of his deputy, who wants to carry out the bureau's mission of protecting consumers from financial fraud, or Trump's handpicked choice, who thinks the agency should disappear.


In her first interview on this standoff since it erupted, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) - the agency's creator - predicted that if Trump installs his own director, its mission could be hollowed out, emboldening further financial elite defrauding of consumers. Warren suggested that this is part of a pattern in which Trump has embraced conventional GOP plutocracy in betrayal of his campaign posture as a kind of working-class avenger delivering tough justice to predatory financial elites.

"This is about whose side President Trump is on - big banks, or working families," Warren told me. "So far in his administration, he has chosen the big banks time after time. Is he going to stand up for the working families who helped elect him?"

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